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The Havilands-Arlington TX

Meet The Havilands.

Jeff, Caroline, Evan & Jamie

Jeff Haviland is a Texas local for 15+ years, transplanted from high in the mountains of Northern Arizona at the end of 2005. After learning the fundamental ins and outs of the painting business in his teens and early twenties, he moved to Fort Worth to pursue personal and business growth through new experiences, opportunities and challenges. At the beginning of 2014 and after nearly a decade in the Lone Star State, he met his wife Caroline, an elementary school nurse in the HEB school district.

The Havilands in Arlington Texas

In 2018, Jeff and Caroline settled into a new home together in Arlington. Late that fall, they welcomed the birth of their first child, Evan. During that time, Jeff took on a position with the production department of a roofing and remodeling company, all while simultaneously still continuing to paint. This helped him transition through the major life changes of becoming a new parent, as well as trained him on all things related to the roofing trades. This time proved to be invaluable in rounding out his education of the maintenance and repairs pertaining to homeownership, something he is extremely passionate about.

Jeff Haviland - Haviland Home Services Owner

In the fall of 2020, Haviland Home Services LLC was officially founded. It was formed upon the desire to create quality painting, refinishing and remodeling work with a personable and informative approach. It is Jeff’s utmost desire to develop relationships with his customers while simultaneously caring for their home.

Jeff has been in the industry for over 24 years now and prides himself on being knowledgeable not just about his chosen craft, but in all avenues of home maintenance and repair.

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